1. Why did you write Apples Are Square: Thinking Differently About Leadership?

  2. How did you select the “new breed” of 25 leaders, who are the “square apples” that you interviewed in your book?

  3. What is a “control and compete” mindset and how do your 6 new leadership qualities alter this old yardstick of success, personal and professional?

  4. Chris Zorich’s mother reshaped rotten apples into something that was edible and appealing. How can we take our “bruised” work environments and square off the bad spots?

  5. What is the new paradigm for success? How does it place more emphasis on the individual or the people within an organization?

  6. What is humility and how do you practice it at work?

  7. What does compassion look like and what compelling benefits does it bring to organizations?

  8. What is transparency and how does it help a company?

  9. Why are inclusiveness and collaboration within the workplace key to the new success formula?

  10. What are your 7 steps to activate change? Why did you begin with “Reach Out to Serve Others”?

  11. Why do you place so much emphasis on “Who am I?” “Who are you?” and “Find Common Ground”?

  12. What do you mean by “Don’t take the pleats out?” How can creativity and professional passion impact a work setting?

  13. Why should leaders “root for people?”

  14. What? “Leave some money on the table?” Are you kidding? Why do that?

  15. Why did you profile an astronaut to introduce “Peopleship” – your style of leadership that lifts people up?

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