Classroom Training

We can deliver the training programs you need to achieve your objectives, thereby saving you investment dollars in designing a custom course.
Discovering the Self – Getting to Know the Leader Inside You:
Getting in Touch with Your Personal Values
Getting in Touch with Your Personal Characteristics/Needs
Taking a Close Look at Your Strengths and Weaknesses
Exploring the Factors That Have Shaped Your Values
Igniting New Leadership Skills:
Defining the Characteristics to Success
Discovering the Six Values Every Leader Needs to Succeed
Activating the Seven Steps to Change
Focusing on Creativity and Professional Passion
"We discovered six leadership qualities that motivate teams, inspire individuals, and fortify organizations to accomplish great things."
Building a Values-Ful Culture:
Defining Culture
Knowing What Culture Serves to Do
Understanding the Concept of Cultural Fit
Fostering Innovation Within Your Organizational Culture
Creating a Values-Based Leadership Mindset:
Energizing Organizations Through Values
Launching the Values Adoption Process
Infusing Norms and Values Into Organizations
Integrating Individuals into Organizations
Executives may want to develop their own leadership skills in the privacy of their own office or in the confidential setting of our Training Center. Individuals to be coached on leadership skills typically want face-to-face time with our leadership consultants. However, on occasion, telephone coaching or a web-cast may be the answer for coaching small groups in different locations – a savings in both travel time and cost. 
When you have a large group of employees together for a meeting and need a speaker to engage them and focus their thinking on how effective leadership affects their productivity, teams, and results, call us. Topics include:
  • Values-Based Leadership:  Increasing Employee Commitment, Productivity and Performance
  • Building Innovation and the Leadership Process
  • The Six Critical Values That Are Changing the Way We Lead and Succeed
  • Activating the Seven Steps to Organizational Change
  • Understanding the Role of Culture and Making It Work For Your Organization
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