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Tom and Susan Kuczmarski's book addresses the effect of "anomie"—anthropologist Emile Durkheim's term for disillusionment, isolation and hopelessness—on the profitability of companies. The authors present research to show the enormous costs anomie incurs, and how shared leadership and a "values-ful" company culture can reduce these costs. "The senior management of American businesses have probably never even considered that anomie's effects: low moral,stifled innovation, poor customer service and disrupted organizational structure, can indeed be measured in specific, people-related costs," states Tom Kuczmarski. "Values-based leadership is the answer," says Susan Kuczmarski. "Employees need values they can believe in. Without a reason to believe that is based on a set of common organizational norms and values, profits and productivity will decline."

“This book pulls no punches. It provides specific steps and practical examples to address the problems we are facing in our professional and personal lives. Everyone should be able to identify one or more practical action steps they should take to improve their quality of life.”

John R. Berschied, Jr.,
Vice President of Research Development, and Engineering, S.C. Johnson


"I can hardly wait to share this book. I have more than 20 major action items from my initial reading. This book will become an icon of organizational success factors.”

Jerry D. Fisher,
Vice President, Applied Sciences, Baxter Healthcare Corporation


“Take note CEOs! Here’s an opportunity to address the growing concerns about our deteriorating values. This book…is a bold recommendation for action and provides a symbol of hope.”

Ginny Duncan,
Vice President, Kaytee Products, Inc.


“The authors have gone to the core of management’s greatest challenge – the lack of norms and values. They set out a clear step-by-step formula for bringing norms and values into any work setting. For those of us who feel we still don’t have an effective, motivated team, here’s the missing piece.

Martha Donovan,
Director, Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority, Chicago IL

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