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Part I: Defining the Characteristics of Success

                      1. Apples Are Square

                      2. A New Success Model

                      3. Humility

                      4. Compassion   

                      5. Transparency    

                      6. Inclusiveness    

                      7. Collaboration    

                      8. Values-Based Decisiveness    

Part II: Activating the Seven Steps to Change

                        9. Step 1—Reach Out to Serve Others    

                      10. Step 2—Ask, “Who Am I?”    

                      11. Step 3—Ask, “Who Are You?”    

                      12. Step 4—Find Common Ground    

                      13. Step 5—Don’t Take the Pleats Out

                      14. Step 6—Root for People

                      15. Step 7—Leave Some Money on the Table

                      16. Lift People Up    


Epilogue: The Peopleship Planet

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